Jammes Laurence

Welcome to the merry little world of Laurence Jammes' zanimos, full of colours and naive creatures. After starting her career as an illustrator working for several important kids fashion brands, Laurence has now been illustrating abundantly children's books and magazines since the beginning of the 2000s.
The animals on the print: âne (donkey), bouc (billy goat), crocodile, daim (deer), éléphant (elephant), fennec, grenouille (frog), hibou (owl), iguane (iguana), jaguar, koala, lapin (rabbit), mouton (sheep), narval (narwhal), ours (bear), panda, quinkajou/kinkajou (kinkajou), renard (fox), souris (mouse), taupe (mole), unau (two-toed sloth), vache (cow), wapiti, xipho (green swordtail), yak, zèbre (zebra)


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