Pigeron Jessica

Trained as an artist and graphic designer, Jessica conceives her graphic work as the resonance of a method and a singular approach which she nourishes throughout her experiences and her meetings with other universes, completely different from her own.

Her graphic approach is a mix of observation and precision as well as human encounters. Her first series of drawings was born from contact with succulents in a nursery in Menton directed by the expert hands of Benoît Bourdeau, a landscape designer. The second series, called "Balane", this time led her curiosity into the world of crustaceans, with an invitation for the viewer to go closer to the material.

She has collaborated with the hotel business (IBIS), stationery/artwork (L'AFFICHE MODERNE), the press (BOCUSE MAGAZINE) and textile styling (BABYDESIGN, CAZITEX). She wishes to imagine and create other supports in order to create new projects through her drawing.


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