Studiotins & Ève Barlier

With a long beard, laughing eyes and tattooed arms, Studiotins is the perfect mix between a bikeless biker and a little explorer in short trousers. His passion for tattoos soon got mixed with his love for children's illustration. After studying typography at Estienne School, he took up illustrating again and got back to drawing until his markers caught fire.

He finds inspiration in everyday life capturing the ordinary and presenting it with an offbeat twist and slight details opening up to another reality.

Now in this artwork for L'Affiche Moderne drawn by Studiotins and coloured by Ève Barlier, it's time to introduce you to the cheerful world of the Chounys. These little creatures are very much like us, but they are simply cuter and more adventurous than we are. Today we can discover them exploring the deep, maybe next time it will be far above the clouds.

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